People that charter yachts will more often than not hire a private jet to fly to their awaiting floating paradise, but why? 

The beauty of yachts (and the reason you'll want to charter one) is that they move. On your demand, wherever you'd like to go. This can also prove a logistical nightmare when looking to fly to and from your yacht - which is where private jets come in. If you fly commercially, you may need to book two one way flights (if your yacht charter will end in a different place to where you started), and the yacht will need to dock in a bigger, more expensive port to meet you. In many cases, you can liase with your yacht charter company to arrange an appropriate meeting point for the lowest possible repositioning and docking costs. Chartering a private jet to a smaller, little known airport closer to your yacht can actually offer a lower price than an expensive reposition for the yacht. 

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It's well known how much time you save when travelling by private jet. Can you imagine sitting in a commercial airport for three hours, with the anticipation of a luxury yacht waiting for you at the other side? Hire a private jet to get you as close to the yacht as possible - then we can book road or helicopter transfers to your yacht if you require it. Most yacht charters charge weekly, so make the most of all the time available to you on board.

Private jet charter also offers the unparalleled experience of luxury travel, which can't be matched by a commercial flight on any level. Flying privately is in some circumstances only a fraction of the cost of chartering a large yacht for a week, so why not complete the experience?

Whatever your reason for flying, we would love to help you organise your trip. We are available for consultation 24 hours a day, so get in touch with one of our private jet charter experts on +44(0) 203 880 9005 and let us tailor a schedule to suit you. After all, luxury is freedom, so why stay grounded?