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Dassault Announces the Falcon 6X


Dassault Announces the Falcon 6X

After the cancellation of the 5x development program last year, Dassault have unveiled their new falcon 6X - which is set to be the most advanced, versatile and spacious business jet in its category. 

It's set to be a game-changer. Dassault Aviation have chosen Pratt & Whitney Canada Pure Power PW812D engines to power their brand new jet, which has allowed for the marked improvements in both speed and range over the Falcon 5X. The new 6X will also boast a super efficient wing that helps to minimise turbulence, as well as flaperons - a wing feature which will help to stabilise the aircraft on steep approaches. 

Technical spec aside, what will really set this aircraft apart from any other jet in its category is the one-of-a-kind cabin. It will measure 6 feet 6 inches (1.98m) high and 8 feet 6 inches (2.58m) wide, giving the largest cross section for a purpose built private jet. With it being almost 40 feet 8 inches (12.3m), all 16 passengers will have plenty of space split between three distinct lounge areas. There is room for many different cabin configurations which can be customised to your needs. The Falcon 6X will also contain the first galley skylight, which will fill the cabin with even more natural light than the 29 extra large windows would alone. 


What's unique here is that Dassault designed this business jet from the cabin outwards, listening to clients who said that they wanted more space inside - which has resulted in a passenger-centred jet which delivers exceptionally high performance across all areas. Dassault Aviation chairman and CEO has promised a jet with the "quietest and most comfortable cabin" of any aircraft in its category. With a top speed of 0.9 mach and a range of 5500 nautical miles - it can fly you further than any other super mid-sized jet, which really brings it in to  a whole new class of its own.   

Astute Aviation | Falcon 6X | Private Jet Charter
Astute Aviation | Private Jet Charter | Business Jet Rental | Falcon 6X | Jet Hire

The brand new private jet will make its first flight in 2021, and begin deliveries in 2022. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about any updates and when it will be available to charter!


Business Jets or Business Class?


Business Jets or Business Class?

Business Jets or Business class, similar in some ways, very different in others. We took a look into the benefits of using a business jet over business class. 

business class | private jet | jet hire |
business class | private jet | jet hire


A huge factor for anyone who travels regularly for business purposes! Business class is a pleasant experience, with many commercial airports offering  separate security queues and lounges for these customers. However, this doesn't automatically reduce your total time spent travelling. With a business jet, you're able to arrive up to just 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time, with the option to arrive sooner and enjoy lounge facilities if you wish. We are also able to provide for most catering requests and include this in the charter price, meaning employees can eat anything whilst in the air. A small touch maybe, but reducing the number of things to do on the ground can really help reduce the overall duration of the journey.

Private jets also have generally shorter flight times than commercial aircraft, due to the fact that we fly higher and have more direct routings in to the arrival airport. We thought a side by side comparison of the time taken by a business jet charter versus a commercial trip would give a better insight, so you can see a breakdown and just how much time you could potentially win back. We have based this on one of our more common business routes - London (office situated in Canary Wharf) to Dublin City Centre for a meeting at 11am. This is a common occurrence due to the large number of tech companies based in Dublin.

Private Jet







MEETING: 11.00 -12.00







TOTAL TIME OUT OF OFFICE: 4 hours 57 minutes

Commercial flight







 MEETING: 11.00 - 12.00







TOTAL TIME OUT OF OFFICE: 14 hours 45 minutes


Immediately you can see that flying commercially can cost you more than an entire working day, whereas a business jet charter allows your employees to start their day at the usual time, and still be back in the office for the afternoon. Not only this, but flying commercially limits you to flying at the times of the airline, which can leave large chunks of wasted time in between flights and meetings. The commercial flight is also best case scenario, and you have no control over any delays which may cause you to miss crucial meetings or lengthen the trip even further. 


Although time spent at the airport plays a part in this, chartering a private jet for business also gives you many more options. Being much smaller than commercial aircraft, private jets are able to fly into smaller airports that may be much closer to your final destination and therefore reducing your transfer time. When flying with a commercial airline you are limited to their schedule, but if you charter your own jet you have full control over when you travel. Business jet hire can be fully worked around your needs, and there is even potential to have facilities for employees to sleep on a flight back from a business trip, allowing them to be ready to get back to work the next day - potentially removing the need for an overnight stay. Private jet cabins are also pressurised to an altitude usually around 2000ft lower than those of commercial aircraft,  this greatly reduces the impact on the human body that flying can have, such as fatigue and dehydration, allowing you to be working at full capacity sooner after landing. 

business class | jet hire | private jet


A business jet is all yours for the duration of your flight, and other passengers looking over your shoulder is one thing you shouldn't have to worry about. The aircraft can essentially become a flying boardroom so that business can go on as usual with minimal disruption. Wifi is now available on many private jets (read more about it here), so you don't even need to disconnect from your colleagues whilst you fly. We understand how important it is to maximise the productivity of employees, or even make the most of a contractors hourly rate, so from booking to post flight feedback, we ensure that the process is smooth and requires minimal time input from Personal Assistants or travel bookers, compounding the benefit of charter.


Buying a business class ticket for just one person may work out cheaper than chartering an entire jet, but there are definitely circumstances where charter is the more cost effective option. This may be if you need to send several employees on the same trip, and chartering one plane could well be cheaper than buying multiple business class tickets for a flight. And as previously mentioned, a private jet is usually able to fly much closer to your destination, reducing the cost of transfer time after the flight. Empty legs may also be an option, we will always see if there are any aircraft heading to, or from your destination around when you need to travel, as these aircraft can be priced up to 75% off the usual charter price. 

All images provided by Gulfstream 

All images provided by Gulfstream 

Whatever your reason for flying, we would love to help you organise your trip. 

Get in touch with one of our private jet charter experts today and let us tailor a schedule to suit you +44(0) 203 880 9005


Why use a private jet broker instead of an operator?


Why use a private jet broker instead of an operator?

Private jet charter is absolutely not limited to celebrities - anyone can hire a private jet for a tailored luxury travel experience. but what actually is the difference between a private jet broker and an operator? and which is better to book your private jet travel through?

Astute Aviation | Private Jet Charter Hire | Business | Luxury Travel

Operators own and look after their own fleet of private jets, and manage the aircraft flight schedules. There are hundreds of private jet operators worldwide, and each works independently. If you enquire with an operator directly for a private jet charter, you are only able to receive quotations for the aircraft in their own fleet - and it can be difficult to keep track of everything when enquiring with multiple operators simultaneously. 

Private jet brokers deliver a personalised quote containing the most suitable aircraft from a number of operators on your behalf. We have a strong aviation background and will always determine the best aircraft for your particular requirements, and then source the operators who own these. Since we have access to over 30,000 aircraft worldwide, availability for us is nowhere near as limited as it is for an operator with a fleet of 30 private jets - so we can guarantee we are able to find you the best aircraft at the best possible price. We have long-standing working relationships with many operators, so are often able to achieve more favourable pricing than if you were to go to them directly. 


Every private jet has a home base, which is the airport at which it stays when not in use. If you charter a private jet out of an airport that isn't its base, you also incur charges for repositioning the jet before and after your trip - for example, flying from London to Hamburg in a private jet that is usually based in Geneva would add a large extra cost. When booking through an operator, you are limited by where they keep the aircraft that you want to use. As a broker, we are often able to find the same model of private jet that is based much closer to (if not, at) your departure airport, keeping unnecessary costs to a minimum. 


Our founders have been a part of the aviation industry for several years, and, as previously mentioned, have built up good relationships with multiple operators. As well as access to better rates for private jet charter, you can rest assured we will only book you to fly with a safe and reputable operator who will offer you nothing short of a luxurious service - saving you the time of having to do the research yourself!


We will work to create fully personalised, bespoke travel arrangements on your behalf. Where an operator books your private jets dependent on their own fleet and availability via the sales team, we are able to organise travel outside of the flights. Need a helicopter to get you from the airport to your destination? Or road transport to and from the airports? We are usually able to book all of this on your behalf and include it all in your charter quote - no unnecessary hassle for you.

We also work to perfect every single detail of your flight. Although an operator is able to do this with your guidance, having your broker take care of everything saves you valuable time. This can include anything from your catering (we can organise your in-flight menus, or if you fancy a Nando's during your flight, we will sort everything!) to placing your favourite champagne on board your private jet for you to enjoy during the flight. 


Private jet travel is about luxury, so use a charter broker to do all of the work for you - then all you have to do on the day is turn up! Whatever your reason for flying, we would love to help you organise your trip. We are available for consultation 24 hours a day, so get in touch with one of our private jet charter experts and let us tailor a schedule to suit you on: +44(0) 203 880 9005. 

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Hire a Private Jet for Valentine's Day


Hire a Private Jet for Valentine's Day

Is there a more romantic gesture out there than hiring a private jet to whisk your loved one away for valentine's day? We're yet to find one!

Maybe you want to plan the perfect proposal in a private jet as you fly over Paris at sunset, or over the sights of London in a private helicopter. Perhaps there's a special memory you'd like to recreate, only make it even better than the first time.  Private jet charter is not only a luxurious and one-of-a-kind treat for you and your other half; but it allows for the ultimate flexibility and high level, tailored service that you won't find anywhere else. 

Practically anything is possible, and our tailored client service means we can assist as much or as little as you would like. Even the tiniest details such as providing your favourite champagne on board your private jet, or some photographs for an extra personal flight for a loved-up couple can be arranged - no request is too small for us to help you engineer the perfect Valentine's Day celebration. Have a read of some of our favourite ideas for Valentine's Day by private jet. 


Sunset flight into New York

Wherever your departure airport, we can precisely co-ordinate the flight times so that you fly over the iconic New York City skyline as the sun goes down, making for the absolute perfect view. 

London to New york | 5 day Return | Falcon 2000X | £62,983


Day trip to paris

Whisk your loved one away in the morning, and enjoy a day roaming the streets of Paris together. We can even help organise the perfect lunch or dinner, and reserve you a table in one of the many famous restaurants with an idyllic view of the city. Then return home in quiet comfort and luxury in the evening. Check out a full blog post on private jet trips from London to Paris here.

London to Paris | Day Return | Phenom 100 | £5380


Weekend in venice

Renowned as one of the most romantic cities, why not spend a few nights overlooking the water and indulging in traditional Italian cuisine together? 

London to Venice | 2 night return | King Air b200 | £10,995

Private Helicopter tour

Whether you've travelled abroad and want to get the optimum view of your destination city from above, or are looking to stay closer to home for the day, we are able to organise private helicopter flights (and transfers) anywhere in the world. Simply get in touch with your desired itinerary and we will do the rest! When booking a private jet and helicopter flight with us together, everything will be included in the same quotation and agreement, so everything is included in one charter price. Helicopter flight prices vary massively depending on the destination and length of the tour, but we will always endeavour to find you the best possible deal. Get in touch today for the most up to date prices!

Empty Legs

Private jet travel doesn't have to be as expensive as many people think! Empty legs are always available (find out more about empty legs) and can be up to 75% cheaper than paying full price for private jet hire. You can sign up for our empty leg updates and specify Valentine's Day in the preferences to be the first to hear about cheap private jet flights around the special day.

Astute Aviation | Valentine's Day | Private Jet Charter Hire | Venice | Jet Sharper


Whatever your plans for Valentine's Day, we would love to help you organise your trip. We are available for consultation 24 hours a day, so get in touch with one of our private jet charter experts and let us tailor a schedule to suit you on: +44(0) 203 880 9005.

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Private Jet Charter at Christmas and New Year


Private Jet Charter at Christmas and New Year

We often receive questions regarding flying over the festive period, and you'd be forgiven for thinking that private jet travel is as restricted on public holidays as commercial flights. However that is not the case, and we operate all year round to offer a bespoke service.

Astute Aviation | Private Jet Charter | Christmas and New Year | Private Jet Hire | Jet Sharper

Can I fly by private jet on Christmas Day?

Aboslutely! FBOs are open all year round, and private jet charter flights can be arranged for any day of the year. We are available for consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - meaning we can organise a flight on public holidays in advance or right at the last minute. Private jet hire is all about convenience for you. Even though availability may be more limited on Christmas day, we have access to over 30,000 aircraft and will quickly be able to find something to best suit your needs.

Can I bring my pet with me on a private jet? 

You may be flying out for the festive period and want to bring your furry friends along, and private jet hire offers the perfect solution for this. Providing they have the correct completed paperwork for international flights, any animal can travel in the cabin with you - making their journey much less stressful. For more information, take a look at our post about Pets on Private jets

Can I visit Christmas markets by private jet?

Visiting the Christmas Markets is perfect way to combine luxury travel with traditional festive shopping in the run up to  Christmas. There are so many possibilities, so if you need help deciding where to go you can check out the best European markets here

Can I hire a private jet on New Year’s Eve?

Just as with Christmas day, FBOs are open and private jet flights can take place without any problems. Private jet charter also allows for maximum flexibility - meaning you can experience New Year twice if you plan your route and timings right!


Travelling by private jet gives you and your loved ones maximum flexibility and comfort, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Whatever your plans for the festive season, we would love to help you organise your trip. After all, life is about adventure so why stay grounded? Get in touch with one of our private jet charter expert and let us tailor a schedule to suit you +44(0) 203 880 9005.

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Top Winter Sun Destinations by Private Jet


Top Winter Sun Destinations by Private Jet

The cold isn't for everyone. a vitamin D injection never did anyone any harm, so why not take a break and charter a private jet to somewhere brighter? If you need any more convincing, take a look at some of our most popular winter sun destinations during cold months.

St Lucia

One of the Caribbean islands situated very close to the equator, St Lucia boasts a year round summer climate with average daytime temperatures of 29 °C. The dry season falls between December and May, so it's actually a more ideal destination for the winter months! There's plenty to do - whether  relaxing on a sun lounger  or hiking in the mountains and exploring the rainforests. 

Private jet charter allows you the ability to fly in to either of St Lucia's two airports, which are situated at opposite ends of the island - perfect for reducing your ground transfer time and have you enjoying the sun sooner. 



Being straightforward to fly to and plenty of amazing things to see and do, Dubai is an ideal destination for anyone seeking a short luxury holiday in the winter months. It combines large stretches of desert beach with a large city, so you have the luxury to do as much or as little as you like for the duration of your break.

Average winter temperatures here reach 25 °C, perhaps a little more manageable than the 41 °C summer days. 




Costa del sol

Winter temperatures sit a little lower here than some of the other destinations, but that doesn't make this strecth of Spanish coastline any less popular with our clients. It's the perfect destination for a short mid-season break, thanks to the much shorter flight time, and you still benefit from t-shirt weather. Hire a private jet and have the convenience to choose from Malaga or Gibraltar airport - whichever is closest to your destination, with no constraints on the date and time of your flights. 



Astute Aviation | Winter Sun | Private Jet Charter | Malaga | Costa Del Sol | Private Jet Hire | Luxury Travel | Jet Sharper


November through to February are actually the most pleasant months to visit Thailand - where temperatures sit happily between 30 and 35 °C, and the humidity drops significantly to offer blissful beach weather. 

With a huge number of airports able to accept private jet flights across the country, you can choose to visit the mainland or one of Thailand's beautiful islands.



Astute Aviation | Thailand | Winter Sun | Private Jet Charter | Private Jet Hire | Luxury Travel | Jet Sharper


Would it even be a luxury travel post without giving the Maldives a much deserved mention? Notorious for the white sand beaches, turquoise waters and luscious tropical trees covering the inhabited islands, its the ideal place to get away from the stresses of daily life, for as little as or long as you need.  

Choose from any luxury resort on one of the islands, and charter a private jet to get closer in less time - the Maldives is equally well known for being difficult to travel around commercially!

Astute Aviation | Private Jet Charter | Maldives | Winter Sun | Luxury Travel | Private Jet Hire | Jet Sharper

If you spend the winter months waiting for the days to get longer and warmer, we would love to help you organise your trip. We are available for consultation 24 hours a day, so get in touch with one of our private jet charter experts and let us tailor a schedule to suit you on:

+44(0) 203 880 9005.

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Astute Explores Hamburg Christmas Markets


Astute Explores Hamburg Christmas Markets

Following our post about visiting the European Christmas markets this winter, we paid Hamburg a visit for a short, snowy trip to the markets there. 

Astute Aviation | Hamburg Christmas Markets | Private Jet Charter | Jet Sharper | Jet Hire

An early morning flight had us watching the sunrise over the clouds, before touching down with a full day ahead to explore and experience everything that Hamburg has to offer at Christmas. 

The city centre contains several smaller clusters of stalls on the walk to the Rathaus, which is where the main attraction lies. We also managed to pass by the Winterwald, where dense trees and wood chips on the ground create a mini winter forest atmosphere amid the bustle of the city. The stalls here are almost entirely dedicated to food, housing many sweet and savoury german treats alongside some international specialities, such as freshly made paella, pizza and kebabs - including one large wooden hut boasting a log fire which was smoking meats and fish.  

Astute Aviation | Hamburg Christmas Markets | Mulled Wine | Private Jet Charter | Jet Sharper | Gluehwein | Jet Hire

Overlooked by the city hall and a huge Christmas tree, the main market has everything you'd expect from a German experience at this time of year.  You're immediately greeted by large stalls selling Gluehwein - the original and some varieties, accompanied by the aroma of cooking meats further down. Walk in between the huts to find stalls selling all sorts of gifts, from candles and ornaments through to fur goods - you're sure to find a perfect souvenir! All the foods sold here are traditional German, and there is still a huge amount to choose from. We tried out some Bratwurst and Currywurst right before it started to snow, where a hot cup of mulled wine and some pancakes went down perfectly. 

Astute Aviation | Hamburg Christmas Markets | Bratwurst | Private Jet Charter | Jet Sharper | Jet Hire
Astute Aviation | Hamburg Christmas Markets | Private Jet Charter | Jet Sharper | Jet Hire

There are a handful of other markets scattered across the city, some of which we did not have the chance to visit. The atmosphere at the central Christmas market outside the Rathaus certainly crowned it as the highlight of the city, and is an absolute must-see. The majority of the markets are open for business until December 23rd, so there's still time to go and experience it for yourself! Private jet charter makes it possible to visit Hamburg just for the day, eliminating the need for an overnight stay and avoiding the chaos of flying commercially over the Christmas period. 


Whatever your plans for the festive season, we would love to help you organise your trip. After all, life is about adventure so why stay grounded? 

Get in touch with one of our private jet charter expert and let us tailor a schedule to suit you +44(0) 203 880 9005 

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Top 10 Private Jet Airports in the USA


Top 10 Private Jet Airports in the USA

Private Jets have access to over 4000 airports in the United States of america. We took a look at our most popular ones, and what makes them ideal for chartered flights. 

Teterboro Airport - Teterboro, New Jersey

Only 12 miles from Manhattan, Teterboro airport is one of the most popular airports for clients travelling to and from New York. There are five different Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) to choose from, each offering their own take on luxury travel. Teterboro Airport also boasts 23 hangars, which can be used when an aircraft will be on the ground for a few days or during periods of adverse weather. 



Van Nuys Airport - Los angeles, California

Van Nuys Airport is a 30 minute drive from downtown LA, making it an ideal choice for passengers flying in and out of Los Angeles. It is a popular choice with celebrities, due to the fact that it offers both excellent privacy and convenience. Van Nuys Airport also offers customs facilities, so clients can easily charter international flights. 

Fort lauderdale-Hollywood international airport - fort lauderdale, Florida

A popular choice for clients travelling to the Caribbean, this airport has become a gateway for intercontinental flights. Miami International Airport still handles most long haul commercial flights, making Fort Lauderdale the ideal airport for private jet travel as it is quieter and offers more privacy. With four different FBOs on offer, you are guaranteed a luxurious journey from start to finish. The airport is ideally located a mere three miles from downtown Fort Lauderdale and 21 miles from Miami, so you can get to wherever you need to be as quickly as possible. 


Chicago midway airport - chicago, Illinois

Although it is the second largest passenger airport in Illinois, chartering a private jet in to Chicago Midway Airport allows you to avoid the chaos of Chicago O'Hare - which was the busiest airport in the world in 2014. Another benefit of flying in to Chicago Midway is that you are only eight miles from The Loop, whereas . Two FBOs operate at Chicago Midway, so private jet clients are well catered for. 


Westchester county airport - New york city, new york

Westchester is based three miles from White Plains, but serves a large area. It is a popular airport for private jet clients travelling to Westchester County, New York and Fairfield County, Connecticut , as well as New York City - as it is only an hour to drive in to midtown Manhattan.  


John wayne airport - los angeles, california

An ideal airport for private jet hire, as it has a central location within southern California. Located in the town of Santa Ana, it is only two miles from Newport Beach and the pacific ocean, as well as only a 20 minute drive to the world famous Disneyland Resort. There are two world class FBOs operating here, offering luxurious facilities for leisure and business travel alike. Both FBOs also have hangar facilities which can accommodate aircraft when necessary. 


las vegas mccarran airport - las vegas, nevada

Flying in to Las Vegas by private jet gives you a unique experience of flying over the Las Vegas Strip on approach to landing, offering some incredible views. The airport has a full terminal exclusively for private jets and their passengers, it offers extensive options for business travellers, as well as providing exceptional service to all passengers. 


William P Hobby airport - houston, texas

Less than 20 minutes drive from downtown Houston, William P. Hobby operates both commercial and private flights. Being conveniently located so close to Houston, the airport is a very popular choice for business travellers, and the five different FBOs based here make private jet charter even more straightforward and pleasant. 


Dulles international airport - Washington DC

Although it is the busiest airport in the Washington area, Dulles has an entire terminal dedicated to private jet travel, so there is no compromise on the luxury experience. It is just 26 miles from downtown Washington DC, and also serves the Baltimore area. 



Whatever your reason for flying , we would love to help you organise your trip. After all, life is about adventure so why stay grounded? 

Get in touch with one of our private jet charter experts today and let us tailor a schedule to suit you +44(0) 203 880 9005



Private Jet Empty Legs - Explained


Private Jet Empty Legs - Explained

What is a private Jet Empty Leg?

Empty legs (also sometimes known as Empty Sectors or Dead Legs) arise every time a one way charter flight is booked. The aircraft will either need to fly out to collect passengers, or return back to its home airport after being chartered. These flights aren't cost effective for the operator as they do not make any profit if there are no passengers on board. Private jet hire is an incredibly bespoke service and tailored exactly to the client's needs, so with over 4 million potential flight routes in Europe alone, this can make finding a full price customer for that exact route and date very difficult . For this reason, operators will usually offer these flights at a heavily discounted rate to make utilising that leg more appealing. 

Private Jet | Luxury Travel | Jet Hire | Empty Legs

HOw flexible are empty leg flights?

Because the jet has been hired by the original client, their needs determine the schedule of the aircraft; and if they decide to change their flight itinerary, the empty leg client may need to adapt their travel accordingly. As an empty leg customer, you may have some degree of choice in your departure time. For example, the aircraft may be repositioning the day before the original booked flight, so you could potentially specify a departure time within that window. Likewise, if a repositioning flight is taking place after the original booking, there may be some degree of flexibility as to when the return flight takes off. 

If the original client decides to change their booking, the empty leg customer will need to be able to fit around this and possibly adjust their departure time - which is another reason why they are offered at a discounted rate as you must be able to be flexible. There is also the possibility that the client decides to cancel their chartered flight all together, in which case it is more than likely that the empty leg flight will also be cancelled, although you would then obviously receive a full refund. However, you should always consider an empty leg flight as subject to cancellation as we cannot guarantee that it will be confirmed. If your travel is necessary, we would always strongly advise having an alternative arrangement (such as a commercial airline ticket) as a back up in case the private jet flight does not proceed. This can happen for a number of reasons, as operators have the right to revoke an empty leg if their further schedule changes or serviceability issues arise within their fleet - meaning an aircraft needs to be re-purposed. 

An empty leg doesn't always need to be leaving from or going to your destination, we have visibility of upcoming empty legs which may be suitable for your flight, even if a minor route change is required. Operators usually accommodate this as it is also helpful for them as this still offsets the cost of respositioning. 

How much do empty legs cost?

These flights can be available for up to 75% less than the usual charter price, with the exact cost being determined by the aircraft type, route and operator. Prices may also be affected by seasons, as periods of high demand can incur higher costs. In some circumstances, these prices can be very similar per person to the cost of a premium seat on a commercial aircraft. To give you an idea, we have put together an example. This is based on an aircraft flying from Paris to London, one of our more popular routes. 

paris le BOURGet - london luton | LEArjeT 75 | 8 PASSENGERS | £8400

This is the price of a full, confirmed charter - this gives you full control over arrival and departure times and has no chance of being cancelled or re-arranged by the operator.  

Paris Le bourget - London Luton | LEArjeT 75 | 8 PASSENGERS | £2800

This is an empty leg flight for the same aircraft and route. As you can see, even on such a short flight you can save over £5500. Using this option, the cost per head would work out at £350 - approximately the same as a business class ticket for a scheduled commercial airline. In addition, using a private jet you avoid the 3 hour airport wait - enabling you to arrive just 15 minutes prior to departure. 

paris le BOURGet - london luton | citation mustang | 4 PASSENGERS | £3500

For purpose of comparison, we have added the approximate cost of hiring a smaller private jet for the same route, but half the number of passengers. This further illustrates just how much you could save when using an empty leg, as it is over double the cost per head compared to the empty leg flight. That being said, £875 per passenger on a private jet is also a realistic price for the time conscious  business, due to the fact that a private jet runs to your schedule, rather than the other way around. You can read our post outlining the benefits of private jet hire for business here

Can I Book a return journey?

As previously mentioned, across Europe alone there are millions of different aircraft routes, so the chances of finding two empty leg flights that match your journey needs are slim. Since empty legs are almost always one way, you would need to make separate arrangements for the other part of your trip. We are able to organise a private jet charter for your return journey, or some customers choose to book a commercial airline seat for their flight in the other direction. 

How can I find out which empty leg flights are available?

Subscribe to our empty leg updates  for the most up to date information about flights and prices. 

Whatever your reason for flying , we would love to help you organise your trip. After all, life is about adventure so why stay grounded? 

Get in touch with one of our private jet charter experts today and let us tailor a schedule to suit you +44(0) 203 880 9005

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Top 5 European Islands - By Private Jet

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Top 5 European Islands - By Private Jet

With summer in full swing, we thought it would be good to shed some light on the most popular European Islands for private jet's

Private Jet to Mykonos | Astute Aviation

As you would expect, islands are incredibly popular destinations for private jet customers during the summer season. High demand for slots at these airports means that we encourage our customers to look into their bookings earlier than they normally would. 

Sun, sea at every turn & sand, these islands have all of it, which is one of the reasons they are so popular with private jet setters. 

So without further ado, let's get into our top 5 islands by private jet and give you an idea of what it could cost to get there. 


Sitting comfortably in the top spot is Mallorca! This is Europe's most popular island for private jet travellers. Mallorca is the largest of Spain's Balearic islands so this comes as no surprise. 


Mallorca offers it's fair share of luxury hotels like the Cap Rocat, however this tends to be a big hit with clients meeting their yacht, or heading to their summer homes. 

London Luton - Palma de Mallorca  | 4 Passengers | 3 Day Return  | Citation Mustang | £9900



You knew it would be near the top somewhere, yes Ibiza is our second most popular destination for private jet setters. Not surprisingly seeing as Ibiza is the mecca for party goers and international music artists. 

Private Jet to Ibiza | Astute Aviaiton

With Ibiza being home to some of the best clubs on the planet, it becomes one of the busiest airports in Europe during the summer months, with the influx of the worlds biggest artists all flying in to deliver their sets. That said we have a large number of our clients that choose to charter a private jet back from Ibiza so they can get some sleep, and much needed hydration. 




Mykonos is growing in popularity with the private jet traveller, with it's culture and iconic white washed walls Mykonos is just stunning. 

Private Jet to Mykonos | Astute aviation

Mykonos caters for everyone, whether you're looking to soak up the sun and serenity or to party into the small hours, Mykonos has it all. 

London - Mykonos | 7 passengers | 3 day return | citation cj2 | £19,800



Sardinia is still one of the most popular islands in the Mediterranean it's so big it actually has 3 private jet airports Alghero Olbia and Cagliari.

Private Jet to Olbia

Private jet setters can enjoy a number of luxury hotels, or again can connect with their awaiting yacht.

London Luton - olbia | 4 Passengers | citation mustang |3 day return | £9900  



Like Sardinia, Corsica is popular among clients looking to to meet with a yacht or sailing boat. Nestled between Rome and Nice, Corsica offers a taste of both, and flying in by private jet is by far the easiest way. 

Private jet Charter Corscia | Astute Aviation

Corsica has 4 private jet airport to choose from, Figari Sud Corse, Calvi, Bastia and Ajaccio. Figari is most popular in summer, due to its distance from Porto Vecchio.



You can depart any of London's 14 airports and still arrive when it suits you. During the summer months we find that London Farnborough (Private Jets only) has the highest number of private jet departures to these islands. Being completely dedicated to private jets, this offers the smoothest experience and makes it super easy to grab a coffee while watching your bags being loaded onto the aircraft.

Whatever your reason for flying , we would love to help you organise your trip. After all, life is about adventure so why stay grounded? 

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Astute Aviation Partners With The Air Nanny


Astute Aviation Partners With The Air Nanny

We are delighted to announce our partnership with The Air Nanny, the long awaited, first of it's kind international chaperone nanny service.

It makes perfect sense to us, this just adds another fold to our offering. We are a customer-centric business here, and we know they will just love this new addition. It’s always great to be working with progressive, industry-leading businesses so we are looking forward to developing this new partnership.
— Zac Hancox, Astute Aviation CEO

This is the first time a private jet charter company and a VIP nanny service have joined forces to offer this out to their clients. This gives our professional clients the opportunity to maximise their careers, without sacrificing family life. 

On the other hand, this gives our leisure clients the opportunity to escape parent life, even fleetingly. They can have the first couple of days of a vacation alone to relax and unwind, before we deliver their little VIP's to them later on in the holiday. 

We are very excited about adding this to our offering, it comes just in time for the summer season and will be available on all of our chartered flights.  When chartering a private jet, luxury dining is a given but for little VIP's turkey dinosaurs and chips is often a preferred option, which is something we can make happen for them! 

For more information on The Air Nanny ask our charter team, or visit their website 

Wether you're looking to charter for business, or pleasure let us tailor your Astute Experience, why stay grounded?  


Pets on Private Jets


Pets on Private Jets

Can I take pets on a private jet? That's right, when chartering a private jet you can have your four legged companion right there with you in the cabin.  

Flying commercially can be a traumatic experience for any animal due to the completely unfamiliar environment and loud noise. We know that pets are a part of the family, and that flying in the cabin alongside their owners can make all the difference to how an animal will handle the flight. Taking a pet on board is incredibly easy to organise, and we are able to make all of these arrangements for you when organising your private jet charter. We have even chartered an aircraft for the sole purpose of flying someone's pets to them!

As a UK resident you can take your pets to any European country without the need to quarantine, providing they meet the regulations. There are dedicated airports across the UK that make travel with your furry friends as straightforward as possible - and although this list is not exhaustive, it shows that wherever in the country you are, pet travel does not need to be complicated. 

  • London Biggin Hill
  • London Oxford
  • London Stansted
  • London Heathrow
  • London Farnborough
  • London Gatwick
  • London Ashford
  • Edinburgh
  • Manchester
  • Blackpool
  • Cambridge 
  • Doncaster
  • Leeds Bradford International
                                                                     Images from New York Observer and CNN

                                                                     Images from New York Observer and CNN

When chartering an aircraft into the United States, you will need to be able to prove that your pet has had the appropriate vaccinations for its age, most importantly the Rabies vaccination. Cats and dogs must also be over 8 weeks old and weaned. 

Whatever your reason for flying , we would love to help you organise your trip. After all, life is about adventure so why stay grounded? 

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