Following our post about visiting the European Christmas markets this winter, we paid Hamburg a visit for a short, snowy trip to the markets there. 

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An early morning flight had us watching the sunrise over the clouds, before touching down with a full day ahead to explore and experience everything that Hamburg has to offer at Christmas. 

The city centre contains several smaller clusters of stalls on the walk to the Rathaus, which is where the main attraction lies. We also managed to pass by the Winterwald, where dense trees and wood chips on the ground create a mini winter forest atmosphere amid the bustle of the city. The stalls here are almost entirely dedicated to food, housing many sweet and savoury german treats alongside some international specialities, such as freshly made paella, pizza and kebabs - including one large wooden hut boasting a log fire which was smoking meats and fish.  

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Overlooked by the city hall and a huge Christmas tree, the main market has everything you'd expect from a German experience at this time of year.  You're immediately greeted by large stalls selling Gluehwein - the original and some varieties, accompanied by the aroma of cooking meats further down. Walk in between the huts to find stalls selling all sorts of gifts, from candles and ornaments through to fur goods - you're sure to find a perfect souvenir! All the foods sold here are traditional German, and there is still a huge amount to choose from. We tried out some Bratwurst and Currywurst right before it started to snow, where a hot cup of mulled wine and some pancakes went down perfectly. 

Astute Aviation | Hamburg Christmas Markets | Bratwurst | Private Jet Charter | Jet Sharper | Jet Hire
Astute Aviation | Hamburg Christmas Markets | Private Jet Charter | Jet Sharper | Jet Hire

There are a handful of other markets scattered across the city, some of which we did not have the chance to visit. The atmosphere at the central Christmas market outside the Rathaus certainly crowned it as the highlight of the city, and is an absolute must-see. The majority of the markets are open for business until December 23rd, so there's still time to go and experience it for yourself! Private jet charter makes it possible to visit Hamburg just for the day, eliminating the need for an overnight stay and avoiding the chaos of flying commercially over the Christmas period. 


Whatever your plans for the festive season, we would love to help you organise your trip. After all, life is about adventure so why stay grounded? 

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