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Is it too soon to start booking Ski Trips?


Is it too soon to start booking Ski Trips?

It's only August, and many people are yet to jet off on their summer holidays - But interest in ski trips for the 2018/19 season is already on the increase. So when is the best time of year to book a ski holiday? 

As with almost all travel, the sooner you get things booked, the better! Whilst the demand is still relatively low, prices are yet to be increased so you're far more likely to get the best possible availability and prices. Ski destinations are always extremely busy throughout the season, so booking something too last minute can leave you disappointed - as well as prices being much higher due to the high demand. 

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Private jets are very popular for ski holidays, and you can read more about why Here. When travelling to the Alps for a skiing trip, the most popular airports for private jet charter include Chambery, Samedan, Courchevel, Sion and Geneva, several of which are also used for commercial flights - so it's easy to imagine how busy these airports become during the winter months. 

Whilst private jets are far more flexible than commercial flights, and you are able to book these at much shorter notice, getting your travel sorted early still has its benefits! When flying by private jet into or out of a busy airport, your private jet requires a slot to take off or land, as well as space on the ground for the aircraft to park. As the ski season gets closer, operators of private jets may also start to increase their pricing due to higher demand for their aircraft. 

If you're planning a luxury ski holiday, have a chat with us to discuss your travel requirements and let us tailor a schedule to suit you. Booking early will ensure you have the best pick of availability at the best prices! Give us a call on +44 (0) 203 880 9005 or click below to talk to one of our charter experts about your trip.


Which is the best airport for ski flights?


Which is the best airport for ski flights?

There's still plenty of time to enjoy what's left of the ski season. Private Jet Charter is arguably one of the best ways to make the most of your trip, allowing you maximum time on the slopes and the shortest possible travel time. We took a look at the most popular ski destinations in europe, and the best airports to fly in to.  

Pretty much every ski resort in the Alps has the capability for a helicopter to land, so a transfer from the closest airport straight in to your chosen resort is the quickest way to travel. We can include the price for this in one simple charter quote to get you skiing in as little time as possible! We are also able to arrange road transfers in many cases, though travel times will be considerably longer and variable due to the alpine roads.  

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In the heart of the three valleys, Courchevel is a hugely popular skiing destination in the Alps. The closest airport able to accept all flights is Chambery, which offers a one hour road transfer to the Courchevel resort, or 20 minutes by helicopter. However, Courchevel airport became able to accept commercially chartered flights in certain aircraft, reducing transfer time even further and giving you even more time out on the slopes. For more information on flying straight in to Courchevel, see: Courchevel now able to accept charter flights, or get in touch with one of our charter experts to organise this for you.

Flying in to Courchevel also brings you far closer to other popular resorts. Meribel is approximately two hours from Chambery by road, or 30 minutes by helicopter - but only a 45 minute drive or 5 minute helicopter flight from Courchevel. 

Val D'Isere

Famous for it's social scene and nightlife for after a day on the slopes, Val D'Isere has a lot to offer. Its high altitude means it generally gets the snow and also keeps it for the longest! The most straightforward way to get there is via Chambery airport then a 40 minute helicopter transfer to the resort; but flying in to Courchevel can also be an option, reducing the helicopter flight time to just 5 minutes. A road transfer takes approximately two hours from either airport. 


One of the finest resorts in the Swiss alps boasting amazing scenery and a great nightlife, Verbier is popular for Skiers from all nationalities. Sion airport is right on the doorstep, so a helicopter transfer from here takes just 10 minutes - or approximately 55 minutes by road. 

St Moritz

Arguably one of the most famous and luxurious resorts for skiing in Europe, St Moritz is well known for its unique slopes and amazing nightlife. Samedan Airport is a dedicated private jet airport, and sits just a 10 minute drive from the resort. Both the airport and resort sit at a similar altitude, so an aircraft approach in to Samedan offers unrivalled views over the mountains. 


Chamonix boasts the longest ski run in the world at 24km long, and an extensive 261 other runs to surround one of the most expansive resorts found in the Alps. Private jet passengers fly in to Geneva airport, and can get to Chamonix by helicopter in just 20 minutes. 

For reasons as to why private jet travel to ski destinations is so popular, have a read of our post on why you should charter a private jet to the ski slopes. Get in touch with one of our charter experts today and let us tailor a schedule to make the most out of your trip. After all, life is about adventure so why stay grounded? 

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De-icing for Private Jets


De-icing for Private Jets

Much like cars, the winter also affects private jets. With winter fast approaching, the likelihood of an aircraft needing to be de-iced is on the rise - so we thought we would give some insight on how this may affect your private jet flight. 

Why must a private Jet be de-iced?

It is illegal for an aircraft to take off if there is any snow or ice present on its surface as the presence of either of these on the wings will reduce the performance. Further to this, ice can block controls on a private jet (ailerons, elevators and rudders), and safety issues arise if these cannot perform at full capacity. 

Image by @time2gofly

Image by @time2gofly

How is a Private Jet De-iced?

The principle is very similar to de-icing a car windscreen, in the sense that a formula of chemicals is sprayed over the jet to remove any ice, and prevent further ice from forming. However, for safety reasons, it is a legal requirement to remove all snow and ice from an aircraft prior to takeoff. This is done using a specialised vehicle called a de-icing rig, which allows the fluid to be evenly sprayed on to all areas of the jet. De-icing fluid is applied at a high temperature to assist with the process of removing ice and snow, and tends to contain a bright coloured dye - which allows the de-icing team to see where it has already been applied and ensure they cover the entire aircraft. As a private jet client, you will usually be on board whilst de-icing is carried out, so you can be airborne as soon as possible upon completion. 

Different types of de-icing fluid can be used, depending on the needs of your private jet. The most commonly used fluid is a short acting de-icer,   which is sprayed on at a high temperature and pressure to quickly and effectively remove ice before takeoff. Other de-icing fluids are thicker, so they do not run off the aircraft as quickly after being applied. These tend to be sprayed on after the initial de-icing fluid, to prevent ice from re-forming during flight.  

How much does it cost to de-ice a private jet?

Cost can vary largely between airports, as each has their own price per litre for de-icing fluid. On average, it costs around €5 per litre, so the table below gives an approximate price for de-icing different types of jets. 


jet type

Small Propellor

Small Jet

Medium Jet

Long Range Jet

Regional Airliner



Fluid quantity (Litres)









Total price








How to avoid paying de-icing costs for your private jet

Keeping a private jet in a hangar can prevent the need for de-icing altogether, but in some airports this may cost more than the de-icing. On top of this, many private jet airports do not have sufficient hangar space for all aircraft. One potential solution is to use a heated hangar for a short period of time before takeoff, as in many cases, one hour can melt the ice on the private jet that would otherwise require de-icing. 

In some circumstances, we can organise a de-icing waiver for low risk bookings. This will allow an element of security without fear of supplementary invoices.  

Whatever your reason for flying , we would love to help you organise your trip. After all, life is about adventure so why stay grounded? 

Get in touch with one of our private jet charter experts today and let us tailor a schedule to suit you +44(0) 203 880 9005


Top 3 European Ski Resorts for Private Jets


Top 3 European Ski Resorts for Private Jets

During the winter months we see a huge surge in private jet flights to the many wonderful ski destinations Europe has to offer. For that reason, we want to share with you the top 3 european Ski resorts for private jets. 


St. Moritz, Switzerland 

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St Moritz is the most popular ski resort among private jet setters in Europe. St. Moritz is located high in the Engadin Valley, in the southern part of Switzerland. With a mix of slope, and cross county skiing on offer it's a hit with most. 

The closest commercial airports are Innsbruck or Milan, both of which are around three hours away by road. This is one of the reasons this is so popular for private jet setters, as the nearest we can get you is into Samedan Airport which is around ten minutes from St. Moritz. 

LONDON LUTON - Samedan airport   | 6 PASSENGERS | 3 DAY RETURN  | CITATION CJ2+| £9998


Courchevel, France 

Private Jet Charter | Courchevel

Courchevel has a little bit of everything, world class slopes, great night life and plenty for activities for the family.  Courchevel is broken down into four beautiful villages,  each of which is at a different altitude which is reflected in the name of the village.  Courchevel  1850 is best known for it's popularity with VIP clients, luxury chalets and hotels. The other levels are more geared towards families and cost conscious visitors. 

Untill recently, Courchevel has only been reachable by road or helicopter, unless you own your own private jet. Recently some operators have been given permission to operate commercial private jet flights into Courchevel. This presents the opportunity for our private jet charter clients to charter directly into Courchevel, without having to change to a helicopter. This also means that you avoid the long road transfer, giving you more time on the slopes. 

Prices for this flight are available on request 


Gstaad, Switzerland

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Gstaad boasts one of the longest ski seasons, with the first usable snow falling in October, and the last melting in May. This means 6 months of guaranteed, usable snow. Adding another string to Gstaad's bow, it's absolutely beautiful, making it the perfect setting for a romantic, picturesque winter wonderland. 

When flying to Gstaad, we would recommend Sion over Geneva, it's smaller, less busy and more than capable of accepting private jet's. You can then either go by road, or take a helicopter for the short transfer into resort. 

LONDON LUTON - Sion airport   | 6 PASSENGERS | 3 DAY RETURN  | CITATION CJ2+| £9500


Chartering a private jet for your winter escape will not only extend your time on the slopes, it will take all of the hassle out of getting to your chosen resort. We have a team of charter experts on hand 24/7 to assist you in selecting the right airport and the right aircraft for your selected ski resort. Get in touch today. 


+44(0)203 880 9005 





You heard right, courchevel is now accepting fixed wing chartered flights  

Until last June, the only way in and out of courchevel airport has been by helicopter, now the game has changed. Courchevel airport is nestled high in the alps meaning approaches are steep and runways are short, making it near impossible for fixed wing aircraft to fly in.

As you will most likely know, commercial aircraft will fly into larger 'hub' airports due to aircraft performance and commercial constraints. These airports such as Geneva, Chambery & Grenoble are located fairly close to most ski resorts, but you are still looking at a lengthy road journey from these airports to any of the alpine ski resorts. Most of our clients decide to fly into either St-Moritz of Geneva as these offer the best onwards connections either by helicopter or executive road transfer. 

Transfer by helicopter has long been the preferred option when heading for any of the main ski resorts, purely due to the time you gain actually in resort. By road Courchevel is around 2.5 hours from Geneva and similar from nearby airports. By helicopter you are looking at anything from 20-60 minutes from any of the main hubs, this time saving on a return trip and means that you're gaining almost an entire day on the slopes, well things have just taken another step in the right direction. 

The Alpine Operator 'Alpine Airlines' is now offering direct, fixed wing charter flights for up to 5 passengers on its fleet of Vulcanair P68. This is a huge step forward in charter for ski! 

So how long will it take to fly from your chosen Hub, to Courchevel? 

  • GENEVA - 20 minutes




however you're not tied to leaving from any of these hubs, this will still be a fully chartered flight so you have the freedom to decide when and where you would like to depart, the only constraint is the aircraft's range! That said this aircraft will fly you from Paris to Courchevel non-stop in roughly 1 hour 30 minutes. 

Photo 14-02-2017, 14 05 06.jpg

The big question here is in regards to safety, is this pushing it too far? 

Well in actual fact, the pilots that crew these flights are exceptional mountain aviators. They have thousands of successful landings in their log books for this airport, and with a strict training and currency stipulation from the French Civil Aviation Authority this is safe, time efficient and beautiful way to fly directly into the alps.  


For more information please feel free to contact one of our charter team, we are more than happy to help with any questions or queries.