You heard right, courchevel is now accepting fixed wing chartered flights  

Until last June, the only way in and out of courchevel airport has been by helicopter, now the game has changed. Courchevel airport is nestled high in the alps meaning approaches are steep and runways are short, making it near impossible for fixed wing aircraft to fly in.

As you will most likely know, commercial aircraft will fly into larger 'hub' airports due to aircraft performance and commercial constraints. These airports such as Geneva, Chambery & Grenoble are located fairly close to most ski resorts, but you are still looking at a lengthy road journey from these airports to any of the alpine ski resorts. Most of our clients decide to fly into either St-Moritz of Geneva as these offer the best onwards connections either by helicopter or executive road transfer. 

Transfer by helicopter has long been the preferred option when heading for any of the main ski resorts, purely due to the time you gain actually in resort. By road Courchevel is around 2.5 hours from Geneva and similar from nearby airports. By helicopter you are looking at anything from 20-60 minutes from any of the main hubs, this time saving on a return trip and means that you're gaining almost an entire day on the slopes, well things have just taken another step in the right direction. 

The Alpine Operator 'Alpine Airlines' is now offering direct, fixed wing charter flights for up to 5 passengers on its fleet of Vulcanair P68. This is a huge step forward in charter for ski! 

So how long will it take to fly from your chosen Hub, to Courchevel? 

  • GENEVA - 20 minutes




however you're not tied to leaving from any of these hubs, this will still be a fully chartered flight so you have the freedom to decide when and where you would like to depart, the only constraint is the aircraft's range! That said this aircraft will fly you from Paris to Courchevel non-stop in roughly 1 hour 30 minutes. 

Photo 14-02-2017, 14 05 06.jpg

The big question here is in regards to safety, is this pushing it too far? 

Well in actual fact, the pilots that crew these flights are exceptional mountain aviators. They have thousands of successful landings in their log books for this airport, and with a strict training and currency stipulation from the French Civil Aviation Authority this is safe, time efficient and beautiful way to fly directly into the alps.  


For more information please feel free to contact one of our charter team, we are more than happy to help with any questions or queries.