Following our post in december about the PC-24 becoming certified, The first aircraft are now being delivered and starting to fly.  Pilatus unveiled their first production of 84 aircraft which sold out in a matter of hours, so we expect the first Pilatus PC-24 to be available to charter very soon!

The PC-24's specification is unlike any other business jet currently on the market, but with the capabilities to land on unpaved surfaces (think grass and gravel), it gives you access to over 20,000 airports worldwide. That's almost double the number of paved runways that other private jets need to land on. 

The new Super Versatile Jet will hold up to 11 passengers, with other configurations available for a more spacious layout. There is also an extremely generous baggage compartment, which is fully adjustable to the passenger requirements. The compartment volume surpasses that of any other private jet of a similar size. 

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