A secluded lakeside resort, Champneys Forest Mere offers a tranquil escape in the heart of the South Downs. Whether it's a spa day or a weekend break, this comtemporary yet classic manor house is the perfect place to recharge your batteries. 

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Approaching the resort already fills you with a sense of serenity, as you drive up a winding driveway and are greeted by sweeping views of the lake, with the building tucked behind amongst the woodland.  The fundamentals of your whole Champneys experience are based around holistic wellbieng, which is why you'll immediately be greeted with a hand-crafted welcome drink  to begin your detox and relaxation process from within.

All stays (day and overnight) allow you unrestricted access to the hotel's facilities, including the gym, fitness classes and the famous pool and spa area. There are also guided resort walks so you can explore some of the 160 acres of woodland and meadows in the surrounding area of outstanding natural beauty. There are also a multitude of beauty treatments, from massages through to facials 

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After being equipped with a one of the famous Champneys robes and flip flops, you'll not want to waste any time in getting over to the spa. The changing rooms alone are plush and luxurious, complete with a separate sauna, steam room  and relaxation area before you even make it through to the poolside. These lead through to the magnificent pool area, which sits under huge windows and a glass panelled ceiling which floods the space with natural light. Spend a few hours on the  heated water beds in between swims, either poolside or in the lounge that also boasts suspended pods and an electric fire.

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The thermal poolside suite is what really sets Champney's apart from any other spa and health club. Complete with a jacuzzi, steam room, laconium, experience showers, and a snow room. The laconium is perfect for people who don't enjoy the intense heat in a sauna, as the heat radiates evenly from the stone walls and benches, and the temperature sits a little lower. The recommendation is that you cycle between the different temperatures, and really allow your body to benefit from the sensations in order to relax - and moving between hot and cold environments helps to stimulate your circulation and improve oxygen intake. Outdoors is a heated bath with jets, which is fantastic even during the winter months. 

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The entire resort has been meticulously designed to offer a wholesome experience to cater for your mind and body. The bedrooms are light and spacious yet extremely cosy, and everywhere you go reflects the same bright and airy feel whilst also feeling instantly like home. And, as you'd epxpect, the bathroom is well stocked with Champney's own toiletries for your stay. 

Champney's ethos is all about health, which starts from the inside, so the resturant menus are bursting with high quality, nutritious foods throughout the day - from smoothies to fresh fish and perfectly grilled vegetables. There are several different restaurants and lounges, offering a multitidue of choice whether you'd like a buffet lunch or just a coffee whilst you look out over the lake from the orangery. 

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Where Champney's is set in the heart of the South Downs national park, it's beautifully rural. Arrive by road, or if you're coming from further afield in the UK, Champney's have the option to land on site in a helicopter. The closest private jet airport is London Farnborough, and we can arrange a transfer by helicopter (or road) from here directly into the resort. 

For more information, visit www.champneys.com, or call the resort directly on 01428 726000. If you would like us to look into your travel arrangements, click below to get in  touch with one of our experts.