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Ibiza is the party capital of Europe

Every year, thousands of people flock to Ibiza in search of sun, sea and some of the worlds greatest music artists. Each year we receive large number of private jet requests from many different types of people, from groups for friends heading out to party to couples seeking a romantic holiday, we even look after some of the music artists that are constantly flying to and from Ibiza.

If you remove the party scene, Ibiza one of the most beautiful islands in Europe. Private Jet flights between Manchester and Ibiza typically start increasing in volume around May for the summer season and don't ease until October when the island starts it's winter wind down. The peak months are normally July & August with 30+ private jets landing every day, this is when clubs and bars are in full swing so music artists are flying in and out 24 hours a day to meet their busy schedules, some of which play twice in one night, in completely different countries.

This is an incredibly popular route for many different types of people, from music artists to second home owners, people in the fashion industry and of course people flying out for the ultimate summer holiday.

Flying from Manchester to Ibiza is around 889 miles, taking you across France and northern Spain before taking you across the Mediterranean sea to the Beautiful Balearic Island of Ibiza. By private jet this journey can take anything from 2 hours 15 Minutes to 3 hours and 10 minutes depending on which aircraft you decide to fly on.  Read our blog post on the top 5 European Islands by private jet here!


Many of our clients choose to travel as twin couples, or 4 passengers which would enable them to charter an ultra light jet keeping the cost as low as possible. Other clients prefer a little more room, and would upgrade to a medium sized jet with typically up to 10 passengers, allowing them to add more luggage and even invite a couple of friends to join them. For clients looking for the ultimate VVIP private jet experience they would opt to fly on a long range private jet, giving them yet more room, these jets can also carry up to 16 passengers so gives the opportunity for large groups to fly together. We see this a lot with multiple families going on a holiday together and music artists with a large entourage. 

Private Jet Charter flights have a number of variables which effect cost so we thought we would give you an idea of what a it could cost.

Manchester - IBIZA | Nextant 400ti | 7 PASSENGERS | £7.200

This option is perfect for couples or small to medium sized groups. This aircraft is ideal for any flight within Europe and is very cost effective.The Nextant is becoming one of the most popular private jet’s for short hops, it’s size and speed means it’s perfect for a trip like this.

Manchester - IBIZA | CITATION Bravo  | 8 PASSENGERS| £9,951

This option is great for the small to medium sized groups, spacious and fast this aircraft is perfect for short hops. This aircraft has been incredibly successful, so global access is always good!


Manchester - IBIZA | LEGACY 500 | 9 PASSENGERS | 17,881

This is a VVIP option, which will take up to 9 passengers in luxury from Manchester to Ibiza in 2 hours and 14 Minutes. This aircraft features a whisper quiet cabin layout with bathroom, living area & in flight entertainment. 

Manchester - IBIZA | Challenger 850 | 13 PASSENGERS | £21,497

This is the ultimate VVIP option, which will take up to 15 passengers in absolute luxury from Manchester to Ibiza in under 2 hours. This aircraft features a 3 zone cabin layout with bathroom, living area & in flight entertainment. 

Ibiza and Manchester are both open 24 hours a day for private jets, meaning you can depart Manchester at any and still arrive when it suits you. During the summer months we find that We use Signature Flight Support at Manchester Airport, with this suite being completely dedicated to private jets, this offers the smoothest experience and makes it super easy to grab a coffee while watching your bags being loaded onto the aircraft.

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