Samedan St. Moritz (LSZS/SMV) | Private Jet Charter


Airport Information

Country: Switzerland
Lat: 46° 32’03.00 N
Long: 9° 53' .3.00 E
Timezone: Europe


samedan engadin (st.mortiz) | private jet charter 

Samedan Airport (also known as Engadin Airport) is one of the highest airports in Europe at 5600ft (only Courchevel is higher but this has very limited access for commercially-chartered aircraft). Samedan is exclusive to private aviation - no airline routes operate into the airport.

In the heart of the Engadin Valley, Samedan Airport is an international gateway to the glamorous winter resort of St. Moritz, so it is a very popular airport during the ski season. It is also the closest airport to Davos, so demand is high in January each year for the World Economic Forum.

With a runway length of 1800m, long range private jets such as Gulfstreams, Globals and Dassault Falcons are able to operate fully-fuelled, allowing passengers to reach St Moritz directly from North America, the Middle East and other international locations, as well as those travelling within Europe.

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