Courchevel Fixed Wing Charters

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COURCHEVEL Fixed Wing Transfers

Untill recently the only way to transfer to courchevel has been by helicopter, well now you can take a fixed wing aircraft. 

Courchevel is one on the highest airports in Europe. Where it's not impossible to land a private jet at courchevel, it is very difficult. Owners of small  to medium sized private jets are able to land and take off at courchevel, however commercially chartered private jets are subject to a different set of rules. With a chartered flight, the company must add additional buffer to satisfy safety regulations. For example the landing distance is 1.6 times the minmum which puts  most small jets out of limits. 

That said, theres one charter company that has gained a commercial licence to fly between 4-8 people, including ski gear into courchevel. Our clients are able to fly from most major french and Swiss airports directly into Courchevel in absolute comfort. 

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The large majority of our private jet charter clients choose to fly into larger local airports like Albertville and Chambery and transfer via helicopter to local ski resorts. 

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