Business Jet Hire

For businesses time is of the utmost value. Chartering a private jet is a very efficient way of travelling, removing the lengthy airport waiting times, possible delays, cancellations and enabling executives to visit multiple cities in one day.

We give our clients direct access to over 7000 private jets around the world, meaning you will always fly on the perfect private jet for your trip profile, making hiring a private jet for business, both time ans cost effective.

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Why Hire a Business Jet:

  • Save time by avoiding airport delays & queues

  • Privacy - travel through private jet terminals

  • Arrive 15 minutes before your flight

  • Flight schedules to fit your business needs

  • Fly to and from smaller, local airports

  • Flexibility if a meeting overruns or plans change

  • Arrive at your destination relaxed and refreshed

  • Work on board, or hold a meeting mid-flight